Trawler Management

Our principle business is trawler management.  Whether you are an owner based in the south with a vessel working in Northern Queensland fishery, or an owner operator working in the north, our company can provide a land based management service to keep your vessel working at sea as well as provide a solid network of buyers for your vessels catch.  ‘

In principle the management service that we offer to vessel includes :

  • Daily communication with your vessel to obtain updates on vessel operation, catch reports and crew performance.
  • Arranging technical service advice where required from specific service experts.
  • In the case of vessel breakdown, quickly arranging technical personnel and or parts to be flown as near possible to vessel location.
  • Provisioning of consumables (ie fresh fruit and vegetables, dry and frozen groceries) for despatch via mothership to vessel.
  • Arranging facilities with mothership operator for obtaining fuel at sea.
  • Advertising for and recruitment of crew.
  • Marketing of vessel catch through a well established network of Australian and overseas buyers.
  • Reconciliation and payment of supplier accounts on behalf of vessel.
  • Collection of catch proceeds, documentation of catch sales and consumables purchased, and banking into client’s account, the net proceeds.

These services are provided as a total management package and are provided as a fee, based on percentage of gross value of catch.